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Really? May 19, 2011

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OK, so my title sucks, but I just needed to rant for a short moment and I just didn’t have the time or patience to come up with a good title….

I’m helping to raise my stepdaughter. She usually spends most of the week with us, but her mother (T) has temporarily taken an interest in her the last couple of weeks, so she’s been with T all week.  Today, at 2:40pm, T texted me and asked me to pick SH up from school. That’s fine. I’m used to picking her up every Thursday anyway (even before I quit working) so no big deal, but some notice would have been nice.  20 minutes before school gets out isn’t exactly prior notice when it takes that long to get across town and I have to tote G with me, which involves putting shoes on a 3-y.o., car seat, etc.

Anyway… The McDonald’s in town remodeled and just re-opened after several months. Of course, they had Ronald, a petting zoo, and all that jazz there for the grand opening (or re-opening, whatever).  My sister insisted we take the kids – fine. Cool with me. She said we would leave when she got home at 4pm.  We didn’t leave ’til 5pm – an HOUR late. The line for pics with Ronald was 40 minutes long, and of course there were a million other things to do.  Wouldn’t you know it, I missed my Zumba class AGAIN this week.

I usually go to Zumba 3-4 times a week, and since S started working I’ve missed six classes – I’ve only been twice. As if that isn’t bad enough, SJ obviously hasn’t been sleeping enough while at Mommy’s because she’s super whiny.  My SIL (C) was playing “footsie” just goofing around with her and accidentally tapped her in the shin. It wasn’t deliberate and it certainly wasn’t hard, but SJ started bawling like C had slapped her in the face or something. I saw it all go down and there was no reason for her to bawl like a baby. C felt terrible.  I told SJ to “cowgirl up” (like my MIL & hubby always tell her to do) and my sis has the nerve to tell me I’m being too hard on her, when all she ever does w/G is scream at him. WTH?  Suddenly she is Super Mom and I’m a terrible stepmother for trying to give my stepdaughter a backbone?

It’s not that I didn’t think it hurt at all, but I saw the child fall and slit her leg wide open on a piece of broken porcelain and she didn’t cry once until we told her we were going to the ER.  There’s no reason for her to cry over something like this.  She was just tired and moody. I’m certain it’s her mother’s fault for letting her stay up late, but she’s 10 years old. She’s getting to the age where she needs to learn these lessons in life.  Sometimes it’s okay to cry, like last week when she nearly ripped her toenail off riding her scooter with no shoes on (again at her mother’s house).  I just don’t want her to cry every single time she gets a little knocked around. I don’t want her to be picked on for it. If she cries at everything she’ll be pegged a wimp and become an easy target.  It would have been fine had M been the one to handle it, but because it’s me, S jumps all over me. Bullshit!

Then, we get home and S goes on an on about how bad her feet hurt. I thought, I’m sorry. I’ve been taking care of your son all week without a break (and no pay), plus doing homework constantly (because I have 9500 written words, four days of participation, and a final exam all due this Saturday).  I have a cyst on my tailbone the size of a marble that hurts so bad I can’t sit down, and I just toted a 32-pound child on my hip for the last three hours, and you’re tired because you worked a measly five hours today. Are you kidding me?  BTW- I used to do all of this AND work full-time!

Okay. Sorry for ranting so much today. I must be getting ready to start or something because my hormones and moods are ALL OVER the place today, and I am just a class A bitch today!  My apologies for taking it out on my blogger friends…



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