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Should We BeeFertile? June 17, 2011

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I was recently introduced to a new fertility product…

Thanks to “Joshua” (who recently replied to one of my blog posts), I was introduced to a fertility product I have never heard of.  It is called BeeFertile.  Here is a link to their website:

I have read probably hundreds of blogs (via the Stirrup Queens Blogroll, which I highly recommend for couples facing infertility:  Never once have I heard of BeeFertile.  When Joshua mentioned it in his reply to my post, I had to check it out.  It really does sound too good to be true [2g2bt].  My experience with things that are 2g2bt is that they usually are, so I am incredibly skeptical!

Call me crazy, but I am slowly gathering a list of pro’s & con’s and I am desperately seeking testimonials, opinions, and advice about using this BeeFertile supplement.  For those of you who are too lazy to take a look at the website, I will give you a quick overview (that definitely will NOT do the website justice.)

BeeFertile is an all-natural supplement (therefore not tested by the FDA). The website says there are no known side effects, it is “all natural”, and it is proven effective for increasing fertility in both men and women.  Some other “facts”:

  • Different formulas for men and women
  • It combines over 30 natural ingredients in a pill for men and women.  Uses natural vitamins and minerals (often found in prenatal vitamins and other health supplements), in addition to some “bee” additives (pollen and Royal Jelly).
  • Requires both the male and the female to take pills 4x/day and 1tsp of Royal Jelly every day.
  • “Hive Naturals” is the parent company, a family company, started with a health foods store in Georgia.
  • The website DOES have a guarantee (of sorts) and a physical address, and the site was the first thing that popped up when I searched for BeeFertile on Google (speaks for legitimacy, right?)
  • They provided me with a “Doctor’s Fact Kit” to take with me to the doctor and recommend repeatedly on the website to consult a doctor before starting the BeeFertile program.
  • All of the testimonials boast pregnancy within 9 months, many less than 6 months, and most less than 3 months (for couples with no obvious reasons for infertility).

The website boasts:

Each BeeFertile ingredient has been carefully selected to target each area of the reproductive system and provide an optimal combination of vitamins, minerals, and bee products to support and facilitate a healthy reproductive system.

Careful research and study of published medical research, combined with the assistance of Doctors and natural supplement experts, formed the products that are found in the BeeFertile Kits.

The BeeFertile kit was designed to give you a 3 month supply of both the supplement and Royal Jelly formula. We recommend that you finish the 3 month program supplied in the kit for maximum results. Herbs and vitamins, when taken over time, can help to benefit and maximize your reproductive potential. It can take 3 months or more for your body to receive the full benefits of the BeeFertile program. For men, it can take at least 3 months or more to see significant results in sperm count, motility and overall sperm health.

We recommend that you use the BeeFertile kit at least 6 months, which is 2 cycles of the BeeFertile kit, or until successful conception is achieved. BeeFertile can also be used by those with the intention of achieving a healthy reproductive system, in which case, no minimum or maximum is recommended.

My questions are…

  1. Is it dangerous to try this?  Will it hurt me, M, or my chances for conceiving?
  2. Is it worth it to spend $250.. $500… or even $750 to try this for 3…6…9 months?
  3. Should we get an SA first?  How much should we expect to spend for an SA?
  4. My uncle threw a fit when he heard we were thinking about trying this.  He tried to say they weren’t a legitimate company and said they didn’t have a physical address.  They do have an address (which I intend to look up on Google Maps just to prove my uncle wrong), and they do seem to be a legitimate company.
  5. Has anyone else (aside from Joshua – no offense) heard of BeeFertile, tried it, or know someone who’s tried it?  I’d love to hear from someone who follows my blog or whose blogs I read.

Thanks a heap! -C.C.

PS– I’m 99.99% sure I’m going to start a new cycle on Monday.  I can just feel it.  ='(


7 Responses to “Should We BeeFertile?”

  1. Jackie Says:

    1. I don’t think it would be dangerous really, and I don’t think it would necessarily hurt your chances of conception… it’s just vitamins and herbs. But everyone has different reactions to things. This is just one of many fertility supplements, and I’ve never heard of one harming anyone, though they’re more likely to correct a vitamin deficiency than get you pregnant. If vitamin deficiency is the cause of your infertility (and it can be, though it’s usually more complicated than that), it may just work.
    2. Worth is something you need to decide for yourself. I personally wouldn’t do it, simply because you can probably get the same results with a multivitamin. Seriously – research each ingredient individually and see what its specific effects on fertility is. And then decide for yourself if it would be better to get the expensive pills or if you can come up with a custom mixture for less money (and more control of the amount of vitamin you’re taking).
    3. Oh goodness, yes. Get as much of a diagnosis as you possibly can before starting any otc treatment. My RE charges about $125 for a SA. His insurance may cover it, and he likely wouldn’t even have to go to an RE – his general practitioner can probably order one and so can a urologist. Cost will likely be the same no matter where you go. Make sure they check morphology along with the count and motility – apparently some don’t automatically check for that.
    4-5. Never tried it, never even heard of it before. And the best way to find out if they’re legit is to look up a business license or contact the better business bureau.
    My honest opinion (take it or leave it) is that you should hold off on this. It’s super-expensive, and you can use that money toward diagnostics. I understand the desperation to find something/anything that would work – I’ve been there. But the reality is for each person who claims it works, there are probably hundreds who wasted their money and still got a bfn. Vitamins can be great supplements along with fertility treatment, if done under a doctor’s/herbalist’s supervision, but infertility almost always requires medical intervention. Vitamins didn’t do a thing for my DH’s sperm quality, and we tried a few different regimens.
    But it’s your choice. And like I said, I doubt they would hurt you or him.
    Whatever you try, best of luck! Sorry bout the novel-length comment 😛

    • Jackie,

      No! I love replies/comments! I’m always so excited when I realize someone has actually read and replied to my posts. I know I don’t post every day, which I think hurts my following, but I get disappointed when I don’t get replies, especially when I’m asking questions. Thank you for the honest feedback!

  2. Alexis Says:

    Hi C.C.-

    I found you on the first page of google, you should be proud! I was also interested in BeeFertile and had some questions/concerns, which is how I got to your post. I had looked up information about them and found a bunch of blog-postings as well. It looks like from the blog posts that they are a fairly new company, because all of the blog comments are from this year, but all of the posts look pretty legit. They are based out of Utah and I was able to call and speak to someone right away—not an overseas fulfillment center (thank goodness!). That’s a plus. A girl answered the phone and she seemed to be pretty knowledgeable. Asked a million questions to see if they were just a random manufacturer just pushing a product–but everything checked out okay.

    As far as safety is concerned, looking at the ingredients, they all look pretty safe, especially with the research there posted under each ingredient to back it up. However, I would still do my research. I have PCOS issues, which is the brunt of my problems, so I wanted to make sure there were things in there that could help that…again, my personal preference…not for everyone. I was looking at Fertilaid (because they are just everywhere) and also Fertibella and Fertility Blend. I liked the BeeFertile one, because it looked like it had more in it and you get more bang for your buck-since it’s a 2 part program. I’ve heard a lot of comments in the forums about Royal Jelly and people having success with it and that’s really what drove me to their site. I also liked how everything came together to supply you with a 3 month supply—so you don’t have to order again (that’s if it works!).

    As far as the company is concerned, I hadn’t read anything online about them anywhere before a few weeks ago. To some that may be a red flag. I just think that they must be new. It says their parent company is Hive Naturals, if that helps you in any way (you have to look under Terms and Conditions to find that!). I looked at Google Maps after I read your post (lol) because I was so curious—and they do show up as a real address.

    Jackie has a lot of valid points. If you’re concerned about it, don’t do it. However, I’m of the opinion that if it’s backed by research, they have valid testimonials, and it’s a legit company (spoke to someone in U.S), then that takes away a lot of my doubts.

    The price, doing the math, their kit is $300 I think for both the guy and girl—a 3 month supply of each. Fertilaid (don’t even know if you know who they are) is $150 for both for 3 months; and Fertility Blend is $130 for both for 3 months. For Fertibella, I couldn’t even find out the price of it, even after looking on their site forever. But again, fertilaid and fertibella and fertility blend just have pills and not the other stuff, so maybe that’s why they’re cheaper. As opposed to Jackie, I don’t think you’re wasting you’re $$. I’ve spent way more than $50/month on consultations, testing, etc. I have left virtually no stone unturned when it has come to getting to the bottom of my fertility issues.

    Sorry this is also a novel 😉 I’m a researcher as well and want to make an educated decision. They do have a guarantee, so that makes me feel better. Good luck with everything…after all is said and done, our opinions are just ours–you know what’s best!

    • Alexis,

      Thank you for your input. I did do my research, and I did do the Google Maps thing too, and I did find a lot of the same information that you found, including the name of the parent company (Hive Naturals). My husband and I are on our 2nd cycle since we started back to the old calendar method, combined with hanging upside down, a barrage of supplements recommended by my doctor and the ever-loved POAS routine. I usually run a 27-day cycle and today is day 29 and I still haven’t got my period so we are hoping its pregnancy and not stress-induced or something! Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed! However, (and this is a big however because when it comes to fertility my glass is always half empty) if we aren’t pregnant, we have decided to try BeeFertile. The way I look at it, it’s cheaper than a lot of the other things we could be doing, and we can always save more money. It’s not that we’re independently wealthy, but healthcare professionals kind of have a monopoly on the whole infertility market, so they can charge pretty much whatever they want. I have read so many blogs where people have put their entire savings into getting pregnant for nothing to work and then when they go home and try some herbal formula or acupuncture as a last resort – what do you know – it works!

      In my last visit with my doctor she said PCOS is a huge possibility for me because of some symptoms I have been having over the last few years. About 2-3 years ago I was tested for PCOS and Endometriosis and both came back negative but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get it in the last few years. I guess we shall see!

  3. Autumn Skousen Says:

    I goggled this and found your blog. We have 2 children both from IVF and we wanted to have another but have been struggling with finances and coming up with the 12K to do this procedure. Luckily Child #2 was a frozen embryo so a lot less money. 🙂 We have severe male factor and I haven’t been diagnosed with anything throughout all of our testings. Anyway before we took the IVF plunge we decided to try out BeeFertile, the $300 (on sale for $250 right now) is way cheaper than the IVF procedure. My husband and I have been on the product for a month and a half and I just got a positive beta blood test from the Dr yesterday. We are shocked and thrilled that this product really worked for us. I’m going to the RE for a 6 week ultrasound next week to check everything out but I am totally sold on the product. So I totally think it’s worth a shot. And for an SA there are two different types of test, there is a cheaper one ($75 at my RE) for just a simple sperm count and there is a more advanced one that also checks out sperm shape/size etc of the little swimmers (At my RE i think it’s like 185). I should note that my DH did a sperm test like 3 months ago and we wanted to do the expensive test but there wasn’t enough swimmers to do the expensive test, so we went from not having enough sperms to do a test to getting pregnant without any dr help. If you have more questions feel free to email me.

    • Autumn – Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s very refreshing to hear from another person on my blog that it is working for people. Sorry for the delayed response. M (my husband) doesn’t know about this blog. He’s embarrassed we are having problems, and he’s a VERY private person in general. He got hurt at work and was off work for an entire week, and then he went back to work for ONE day and got sick, which meant another week off work. Then, I got a new job AND have been sick for the last week. Anyway, thanks again. We are looking into starting BeeFertile in October, as long as we can scrape the money together. Three weeks off work between the two of us will make things rough for a few weeks, but I think with my new job we will be able to save it up by then.

      Sincerest gratitude,

  4. I am glad you wrote this great article and shared it here. You made great and poignant points that I can agree with and understand. I will certainly do a link to on my site.

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